Savor Staunton ? Restaurant Week

In a normal week it's tough to choose which restaurant to eat at in Staunton becasue there's so many great chefs in town. Not only that, but most draw on seasonal ingredients, often locally sourced, making the choices that much more mouth-watering.

But now, enter restaurant week, called Savor Staunton around here. Now, not only are the choices amazing but the deals are, too. 

There's a full list of what's on offer on the Staunton Downtown Development Association (SDDA) Savor Staunton page. And while we're at it, we'll just add that the SDDA is part of what makes this town so great. They're an organization that brings creativity and unity to the downtown area, offering events like restaurant week, holiday happenings, art crawls and other ways to keep Staunton's star shining. So thanks SDDA!

Our finds

But we did some poking around too, and wanted to highlight some meals and deals that we're sure our guests and other visitors to Staunton (and local residents) will love during restaurant week.

Emilio's Italian Restaurant is offering a four course prix fixe meal from their regular menu at only $25, which includes an antipasti, salad, entree, and dessert. What they've really got going for them is the ability to sit on the rooftop deck for your meal. With the weather we've been having lately, dinner outside can't be beat. They're also offering multiple choices at every stage of the prix fixe, which helps if you like more choices.

AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar, which is known for its award-winning wine list and deliciously prepared culinary feats wrote a whole blog about what they've got on offer, focusing on a nearly all-local menu made especially for Savor Staunton week. Their prix fixe is $35 for four courses, which can be enjoyed with an all-local wine pairing at each course. They've also got a vegan or vegetarian option for the entree choice (which is otherwise a flank steak) and it's not just the typical vegetarian option of pasta — it's a grilled portobella mushroom that is perfectly prepared and available with cheese or without.

For an elegant dining room the Stonewall Jackson's prix fixe offers four courses for $25 and their focus is on Southern-inspired comfort foods, with sliders, chicken pot pie, shrimp and cheesy grits, sweet potato fritters and other hearty offerings among the choices. 

And much more

You'll find all inds of other deals by perusing the Savor Staunton page — there are more prix fixes, discounts, and bonuses through August 10th for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Of course if you're staying with us, breakfast is on the house. But one option in the breakfast realm that looks really appetizing is the Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon with a buy one get one for 50% off deal at Nu-Beginning Farm's The Store. It's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall in the best possible sense — local groceries, prepared foods, and a coffee roastery on-site. What the dining room lacks in charm the kitchen makes up for in taste!

One week only

Restaurant week lasts until August tenth and with the deals on offer, going out every night is a real option. 

But while the deals are admittedly great, it's worth remembering that there are always great dishes being prepared by our area's top chefs and that dinner in Staunton is a real treat any time of year. 

We wrote a recent blog about the restaurant scene and how walkable it is to the Frederick House — almost all the places in downtown are but a few blocks from us. So read that blog post too to get really familiar with what Staunton has to offer year-round right outside our door!

— Joe and Evy Harman, Proprietors, Frederick House Hotel